Team coaching

Is your team unable to achieve its goals?

You are part of a team and notice that there is no unity within the team. How can you achieve more short-term results as a team?

In my role as a coach, I support teams with these kinds of issues. I do this by deploying effective methods. At the same time, I am able to use my expertise to look at teams from different perspectives, which enables me to quickly get to the heart of the problem so the necessary actions can be taken.

So why team coaching by De Regie?

  • The team becomes aware of its collective vision and carries out the shared standards.
  • Team members know how to find each other, act pro-actively and are aware of the talents within the team.
  • Awareness is created about the added value of the team within the organisation and how they contribute to the objectives of the organisation.
  • They work together more effectively, through ownership and with more pleasure.
  • Asking for help and addressing others about their behaviour becomes more natural, which in turn leads to a greater sense of control.

Personalised coaching

Whether the need lies either in personal growth or in competence development, as a coach I support teams in those processes that are necessary for the envisaged joint result. A coaching program is always customised to fit the results the team wants to achieve. The common thread in my approach is:

  • Offering a safe learning environment in order to guide you in your personal development, in which the team retains or regains control;
  • Guiding the team to gain insight into their individual and collective drives and needs and what these are based upon;
  • Through greater awareness, guiding the team to the set goal/result. It is not only important to know what you want, but also why and how you want to achieve this result;
  • Supporting you in shifting the focus to the possibilities instead of the limitations and approaching this from your own (circle of) influence.

Throughout the coaching process, we will make progress assessments and regularly check whether the set goals have been achieved or what, if anything, needs to be done or adjusted in order to achieve them. Mutual coordination of - and shared responsibility for - the end result is very important here. The individual and team efforts as well as an active contribution determine the extent to which and the speed at which set goals are achieved.


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