Labour mediation

Are you dealing with a conflict in the workplace and would you like to come to a solution that is fair for you? De Regie offers mediation in the field of labour issues.

"Orlando brings a calmness and a true emotional understanding to all parties, his method of understanding was his greatest asset." - Andrew Coe

I am looking for a mediator

Team coaching

Are you unable to achieve your goals as a team? De Regie will help you find a way to get there. With effective methods, I will tackle your issues!

"Orlando has a positive approach to making the team function again. He displays power and skill, and is flexible. Easy talker, good listener, summariser and empathic."

We want team results!


Everybody needs grip, direction and/or focus, in other words: to be in control. De Regie helps you in situations in which you have the feeling that you get stuck.

"Thanks to coaching, I am more balanced and take control of my own life more often and in a better way. I know more clearly who I am and what I stand for. This allows me to make better and quicker decisions in everyday life."

I want control and focus