About me

Who am I?

My name is Orlando Adolphus. I am 51 years old and have a family with three children. In addition to my passion for my work, I also enjoy my family and friends in my spare time, as well as volunteering as a neighbourhood mediator at the agency Bemiddeling & Mediation (B&M).

The common thread in my career?

In the past 25 years I have gained a broad range of knowledge and experience, including expertise both as a registered mediator in labour conflicts and divorce cases and as a (team) coach. The common thread in my career has always been the interaction between people and organisations. I am still driven by the question of how these two moving "parts" are related to each other. Specifically in the form of the questions:

  • How do you get and/or stay connected?
  • How do you obtain control over the content and/or process and how can you consolidate this?
  • What can I contribute to the results you desire?
  • What are the motivations?
  • What are the interests?
  • How do you get from obstacles to results?
  • What emerges from the power of dialogue?
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"Orlando is skilled, sociable, professional, calm and committed."

Executive Director

My added value

My areas of expertise are coaching and mediation (MfN registered mediator). My added value is that I integrate my knowledge and competences in these areas in a natural way. This allows me to approach an issue from various angles. I am good at making links, at connecting people and organisations and at finding solutions. This gives me quick insight into the question behind the question and into the interests, which enables me to help shake off old patterns. I like to pursue my passion to achieve the results you are looking for.

I feel very much at home in issues of personal development, individual and team context, conflict dynamics in labour and divorce cases. This is how De Regie was born: I will always be there for you and help you with issues that may arise both in business and in personal life.

This is also where my enthusiasm comes in. I do things that I enjoy, namely engaging myself daily in the field of tension between the two moving parts, people and organisation, and everything that is associated with them.

I want to support the issues that arise from this, from the employees and/or organisations, on the basis of my vision.