Individual coaching

Are you unable to break free from old patterns?

You know you are capable of so much more. But what exactly and how do you get there?

You find it difficult to work with a colleague. How do you deal with this and at the same time remain true to yourself?

Everyone needs grip, direction and/or focus. Especially in situations where you have the feeling of being stuck, of having lost the overview and control, of being focused on meeting the expectations of others and of feeling pressure from your environment.


Such a situation or period is often accompanied by feelings of confusion, disappointment and insecurity. It also takes a lot of energy. Especially if this lasts a bit longer.

How does coaching by De Regie benefit you?

  • Growth in personal leadership.
  • More self-esteem and control.
  • Greater job satisfaction.
  • Awareness and development of your core competences. And being able to deploy them effectively.

Experience shows that the answers to your questions are often to be found within yourself. By becoming more aware of yourself, of what you think, feel, want and why you want it, you achieve the greatest results in personal leadership.

Are you part of a team and do you want better collective results? Then look at the team coaching options.


Feel free to contact me to find out if I am the wright coach for you. 0031 250 336 20